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What are the explosion risk zones?


Industrial production involves some risk factors. One of such risks is dusted air, which may not only badly influence the health of people working in such area but it may also lead to dangerous explosions. In order to be able to react to such situations adequately, it is neccessary to define the so called explosion risk zones. What we should know about them?

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Our offer

Dust collectors

Our dust collectors are designed for all industries where there is a problem of polluted air and a risk of explosive atmosphere occurrence which require adequate explosion protective systems.


Our FD type cyclones are classical devices used for separation of air from bulk materials such as wood chips or dust with the use of centrifugal force. They are used in various branches of industry.


Silos are used for storage of dry and bulk material and are the final element in the complete dedusting system

Chain conveyors

Chain conveyors (also called Redler’s conveyors after their inventor’s name) are used for conveying bulk solids and are used in various branches of industry from food production (cereal, seeds, flours), animal feed, wood and plastic processing to heavy industry such as coal, cement or steel processing.

Storage tanks with emptying system

We are now offering small storage tanks for wood chips and sawdust. These buffer tanks can be installed directly underneath the discharge opening of dust collectors, or cyclones or bigger silos. More information is here.

Extraction hoses

Sawdust and other bulk materials are small yet hard particles. When being transported at high speed inside the dust collecting systems, they cause demaging abrasion. That is why specially abrasion-resistant extraction hoses are used for conveying such materials. What should we know about them?

Extraction walls

Extraction walls are used for capturing fog and mist of paint or glue origin while they are being applied. The filtration process is divided into two stages: initial and main filtration – thanks to which the cleaning efficiency of the extracting wall is much higher.

Grinding tables

Wood processing workshops face the problem of dust created during grinding or cutting. Equipping your workshop with grinding tables of appropriate extraction efficiency improves your working conditions and ensures safety.

Pneumatic diverters

Diverters are used in pneumatic transport of bulk solids. Production plants often need to use pneumatic transport to convey bulk solids to other remote places of storage such as a silo, a boiler room or other storage tank. Diverters enable an automatic switch of the flow of the conveyed material from one pipleline into another.

Container loading systems

Bulk solids handling (conveying, storaging, reloading) is quite a challenge due to the dust that is generated during these operations. Emptying or replacing a full container for an empty one usually requires stopping the production, engaging staff to do the job and it takes time. Therefore, in order to respond to our customers’ needs we developed and designed container loading systems.

Automatic control

Prefabrication of steering cabinets for dedusting systems is what we do on regular basis. When prefabricating and installing control cabinets, we keep the highest quality standards.

ATEX - Protective systems

Systemy ochronne Atex

In accordance with the provisions of the EU standard 1127-1 on explosive atmospheres - prevention and protection against explosions - dust collectors, filters, silos and other enclosed vessels of loading capacity > 1 m3 have to be equipped with adequate protection systems.
Here you can find the list of the EU standards which define explosion protection systems as well as ways of explosion prevention:

  • Dust explosion venting protective systems - EN 14491
  • Flameless explosion venting devices - EN 16009
  • Explosion isolation systems - EN 15089
  • Explosion suppression systems - EN 14373
  • Explosion resistant equipment - EN 14460
  • Explosion diverters - EN 16020
  • Explosion isolation flap valves - EN 16447

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Knowledge, experience and quality

A few words about our factory

Filtrowent was founded in 2007 but our team's experience in dedusting systems dates back to the late 1990s. For the first 10 years our company was located in Nowy Tomyśl, in the western part of the Wielkopolska region, where, by gaining the experience in designing and constructing various projects, we developed our range of products and services. The constant and intensive growth of the company enabled us to start the building of our own venue in 2016, close to the previous location.


Catalogues and leaflets

Filtrowent product catalogue 2021

We offer complete dust collecting and filtration solutions for various industries. See our catalogue for more information.


Multifunctional ODM type dust collector

The ODM type dust collector are used for extraction and fliltration of fine dust and welding fumes.


Woodworking and paper processing

Innovative dedusting systems produced by Filtrowent are of highest quality and are used in every processing industry.


Pneumatic sliding dampers

Our sliding dampers of ZASP type are automatic devices driven by pneumatic motors, which are connected with compressed air system.


All catalogues and leaflets

Dust collecting installations for your business - by Filtrowent from Poland

Design and production of industrial dust collecting systems

Clean air plays crucial role in our everyday life - it is also an important aspect that needs to be considered by varius branches of industry. Our company provides a wide range of efficient dust collecting solutions for production plants, workshops and other production facilities.

For over 20 years we have been gaining and broadening our experience in dust collecting systems. Our offer includes:

and many other devices and accessories needed for constructing a functional dedusting installation, tailored made for your business. We also provide maintenance services, efficiency testing, technical consultation and technical supervision.

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