Extraction hoses


In our installations we use extraction hoses made of high quality material – polyurethane polyester. This material is characterised by high abrasion resistance. Just to compare it with other materials – polyurethane polyester is a few times more abrasion resistant than abrasion resistant rubber. Moreover, it is hundred times more resistant than PVC. Collection hoses consist of a spiral made of a copper coated steel wire covered by polyurethane polyester coating. We offer a wide range of hoses of various diameters and different working temperatures. Hoses are used in wood processing and furniture production. They are also used in exhausting oil mist and other chemical vapours.

PURFLEXStandardStrengthened type AStrengthened type B
Wall thickness0,50,70,9
Diameter32 ÷ 40020 ÷ 50020 ÷ 500
LengthHoses are sold in the following lengths: 2,5 mb, 5 mb, 7,5 mb or 10 mb (longer hoses available upon request)
Working temperature (ºC)– 40 ÷ + 90
ColourTransparent with the wire spiral visible – coloured hoses available upon request
Available types of hoses

Grounding is important

The friction that is created during conveying dust and other dirt particles inside hoses can create electrostatic charges. As a result, ignition of the conveyed dust particles is likely to occur. That is why it is very important that the steel spiral inside the hose is grounded to dissipate any cummulated electric charges.

Available lengths and diameters

We offer hoses in the following lengths: 2,5 rm, 5,0 rm and 10 rm. Available diameters, among others are: d85, d 105, d125, d 130, d155, d165, d205, d230 d 280 and d305. At our company you can also purchase extraction hose connections.