Pneumatic diverters

Diverters are used in pneumatic transport of bulk solids. Production plants often need to use pneumatic transport to convey bulk solids to other remote places of storage such as a silo, a boiler room or other storage tank. Diverters enable an automatic switch of the flow of the conveyed material from one pipleline into another.

Diverters designed by our engineers are asymmetric diverters of 45° inclination angle, of solid construction (made of 3 mm black steel, welded and spray painted) and of operational precision.

We produce diverters with standard, basic dimensions and inclination angles but we also offer tailor made diverters as we can easily cusomize our design by changing the dimensions, angles or the assembly flanges of a given diverter.

The structure of our diverters is characterised by perfect dust-tight capability of the blade, full flow splitting and minimal maintenance required. Diverters are deliverd with an electrovalve mono- or bistable. Pneumatic diverters need compressed air connection.

Example of a pneumatic diverter mounted on the top of a silo – it enables independent loading of silos.
Diverters controlled with the use of pneumatic acutators