Silos and tanks

Silos are designed for storing dry and bulk material and they work as a final storage tank – it is here where all the material extracted by the dedusting and filtrating system is collected.

Silo characteristics

The coat of the silo is made of galvanized construction steel sheets of 2 mm which are bolted together to the horizontal and vertical structural reinforcement elements. The structures of the roof and of the hopper are made of galvanized steel sheets of 3 mm, bolted to the tank. Other elements, such as the supporting structure and bracket structures, are produced of sanded and coated carbon steel. Each silo we produce is also equpped with a set of insepection windows, ladders and railing. The final product is characterized by its highly functionality, safety and durability.

Fire and explosion protection

Silos are made of steel and beacuase of this they can be used for dry material of humidity up to 10%. The silos are equipped with a dry raiser, pressure detectors and a set of certified decompression panels, all in accordance to the ATEX directive.

Silos application

Our silos are used where there is a need of storing dry and bulk waste material (e.g. furniture production plants). In case a bigger storage tank is needed e.g. for sawdust or pellets, we also produce tanks and silos of strengthened structure and with the cone part (the discharge hopper) being longer and at more acute angle. These tanks and silos can store materials of 650 kg/m3 bulk weight.

Technical parameters of FSA silos type

TypeCapacity [m3]Diameter [m]Height [m]Empty silo weight [kg]

Technical parameters of FSB silos type

TypeCapacity [m3]Diameter [m]Height [m] Empty silo weight [kg]

Technical parameters of FSC silos type

TypeCapacity [m3]Diameter [m]Height [m] Empty silo weight [kg]

New product!

We are now offering small storage tanks for wood chips and sawdust. These buffer tanks can be installed directly underneath the discharge opening of the dust collectors, or cyclones or bigger silos. More information is here.