Grinding tables

Wood processing workshops face the problem of dust created during grinding or cutting. Equipping your workshop with grinding tables of appropriate extraction efficiency improves your working conditions and ensures safety.

Light, airborne dust not only makes the product surface finish difficult, which negatively affects the quality of the final product, but, above all, harms workers exposed to its inhallation. Our FS grinding tables are an ideal solution for both smaller and larger production plants they provide you with better ergonomics

Many applications and variety of configurations

Basic parameters of the FS grinding tables:

  • high filtration efficiency
  • its own extraction system with inbulit fan
  • ergonomic and light structure made of galvanised steel
  • easy assembly
  • thermally secured switch and safety button
  • modular structure enables extension (single module 637 x 1104 mm)
  • regulated height (750 – 1000 mm)
  • inbuilt noise silencer
  • mobility
  • attractive price

Additional options:

  • side tool shelf
  • electric socket and compressed air connection
  • additional shelf of the working area – enables operations at the edge of the table with simultaneous extraction of the produced dust
  • connection and integration into an existing central extraction system

We produce tables for individual needs and wishes. Our standard offer includes the following table models:

Basic parameters of the FS grinding tables

Table modelEfficiency (m3/h)ModulesModule width (mm)Basic Module Length L (mm)Enlarged Module Length XL (mm)Side Tool Shelf length RS (mm)Total table length (mm)
2.FS/0,5/RS650L + RS1104 637300937
3.FS/11300XL1104 1234 1234
4.FS/1/RS1300XL + RS110412343001534
5.FS/1,51950XL + L1104637 12341871
6.FS/1,5/RS1950XL+L+RS1104637 12343002171
9.FS/2,532502XL+ L1104637 12343105
10.FS/2,5/RS3250 2XL+L +RS1104637 12343003405
12.FS/3/RS39003XL+RS1104637 12343004002