The ODM-K cassette dust collector


The dust collectors of ODM-K type are of modular structure and are produced of panels that are bolted together with the use of connectors. In the connections there are additional bendings, which work as structural reinforcing ribs both horizontally and vertically. The base of the dust collector consists of posts and cross-beams made of half-open C-channel sections. The whole structure is produced of continuously galvanized and cold formed carbon steel sheets. The dust collector is produced of standardized filter modules that can be combined together and this way it is possible to extend the filter by next modules. Such solution increases efficiency of a dust collector.

How does ODM-K dust collector work?

Zasada działania odpylacza modułowego, kasetowego, z wkładami, filtrami patronowymi, Filtorwent, odpylanie przemysłowe, odpylacz do spawalni
  1. Dirty air inlet
  2. Filter cartridge – cassettes
  3. Hopper
  4. Clean air collective duct
  5. Cleaned air outlet
  6. Compressed air collector
  7. Explosion vents /ATEX/

The ODM-K dust collector is also avalable in the ATEX compliant verision

Znak strefy EX

Dust collector emptying methods:

  • directly into containers
  • with the use of an additionally connected rotary valve
  • with the use of a screw conveyor and a rotary valve

Filter cassettes cleaning

ODM-P dust collector is available with an automatic cleaning function (that is cleaning during filter operation) – with the use of compressed air.
The number and frequency of the cleaning process depends on dust type and the filter load, and is run by a programmed electric controller.

Filter cassettes of K25 type

  • solid and compact structure
  • large filtration surface
  • easy mounting and maintenance
  • very high filtration efficiency
  • a possibility of individual choice of the filtration fabric
  • available models:
    • 4 rows per cassette (filtration surface ca. 7 m2/cassette)
    • 6 rows per cassette (filtration surface ca. 10,5 m2/cassette)

Odpylacz filtracyjny, kasetowy
Filter cassette cartridges

Filter cassette typeBasis weightMaterialTemperature resistance
Acid resistance Alcalic resistanceHydrolysis ressitance
POL/STD500 g/m2polyester (standard)150goodvery lownone
COATED550 g/m2PTFE coated150goodvery lownone
POL/AS500 g/m2antistatic polyesther150goodvery lownone
POL/PTFE550 g/m2PTFE membrane150limitedlownone
POL/SPAW550 g/m2polyester, micro unwoven fabric150goodmediumvery low
Types of available filter cassettes

ODM-K dust collector type
Number of filter cassettesFiltration surface
Max. efficiency of ODM-K dust collector
Model/size of ODM-K dust collectors with basic parameters