The VIGIFLAM VQ is a rectangular flameless venting device connected with an internal standard explosion vent panel. The device eliminates the spread of flame and arrests burning particles of the explosion. VIGIFLAM VQ can be used indoors and outdoors which makes the installation designing process much easier.

The VIGIFLAM VQ device is produced in the following versions:
– VIGIFLAM VQ – used with the VL (flat) and VD (domed) venting panel types
– VIGIFLAM VQ-R – used with VL-R (curved) venting panel – the device is curved to enable installation on cylidrical vessels (radius upon request)
– VIGIFLAM VQ-SST – made of stainless steel and used with VL (flat) and VD (domed) panel types.

We offer two types of the VIGIFLAM VQ:

  • VIGIFLAM VQ LW (light weight) – Pred: 0,5 bar
  • VIGIFLAM VQ HW (heavy weight) – Pred: 2,3 bar
VIGIFLAM VQ LWKst max 500Pmax≤10 barPred≤0,5 barPstat = 0,1 do 0,3 bar
VIGIFLAM VQ HWKst max 500Pmax≤10 barPred≤2,3 bar*Pstat = 0,1 do 0,3 bar
* Pred ˂ 1,85 for VQ ˃ 586×920
  • Ex II GD
  • EN II 2 D
  • EN 16009
  • INERIS 14ATEX0049X
  • Certified for organic and fiber dusts, and gas.
Bolt QtyBolt size
VIGIFLAM VQ 170×470170 x 4700,078520M10x30
VIGIFLAM VQ 270×458270 x 4580,122022M10x30
VIGIFLAM VQ 300×500300 x 5000,148024M10x30
VIGIFLAM VQ 305×610305 x 6100,184026M10x30
VIGIFLAM VQ 350×650350 x 6500,225026M10x30
VIGIFLAM VQ 490×590490 x 5900,286532M10x30
VIGIFLAM VQ 610×610610 x 6100,369532M10x30
VIGIFLAM VQ 457×890457 x 8900,404034M10x30
VIGIFLAM VQ 586×920586 x 9200,536042M10x30
VIGIFLAM VQ 645×1130645 x 11300,725034M10x30
VIGIFLAM VQ 920×920920 x 9200,842534M10x30
VIGIFLAM VQ 1130×11301130 x 11301,272050M10x30