Dedusting installation and the energy saving criterion


Industrial dust collecting systems efficiently clean the air from harmful dusts and fumes and other particles of dirt. They do not only protect the health of the personel but also lower the operating costs and energy consumption.

How do the ODP bag dust collectors help to save on energy costs?

Our ODP bag dust collectors are devices of modular structure and are designed for dedusting postprocessing dust, sawdust or chips whether of plastic, wood or other origin. The in-built filter bags cleaning system makes a real difference when it comes to the energy saving criterion.
The cleaning system with the use of regenerative fans for reverse blowing of the filter bags uses much less energy especially when compared to the commonly offered compressed air cleaning systems.

Cyclone separators and other energy saving solutions used in dedusting systems

Another energy saving solution for effective dust extraction are cyclone separators. It is posible to lower the energy consumption of a dedusting system by installing a cyclone as an initial separator – before a dust collector. First, the dusted air goes into a cyclone, where bigger dirt particles are separated by the centrifugal force and removed. Then, the pre-cleaned air goes from the cyclone to a connected dust collector (either with bag filters or pleaded cartridge filters) where finer dust is removed. This results in smaller heat loss, in case when the filtered, clean air is returned back to the production hall.