Innovative docking system


We always look for the best and tailored made solutions for our customers. In our projects we often need to think out of the box and design solutions for very individual needs – a recent example of this individual aproach is the docking station for dust discharge. Our customer needed to shorten the time that had to be spent on replacing a full container with an empty one. We designed a solution which not only shortens this process to minimum but also enables its service without stopping the production and without extra hands needed.

The system is fully automatic, both the diverters and the docking pipes are pneumatic and the containers work as traditional cyclones. This way, the cost of storing the waste dust dropped significantly. In addition, the problem of production breaks needed for changing the containers was completely eliminated. What is more, our solution is cost saving as there is no need for the use of expensive protective systems which would need to be used in case of standard pneumatic transport. A finishing touch is the fact that the housekeeping around the new docking system is so much easier!