Characteristics and functioning of ZASP pneumatic sliding dampers


Pneumatic sliding dampers are a great alternative for the manual sliding dampers. Here we explain how they work and where they can be used.

What are pneumatic sliding dampers used for and how do they work?

Our ZASP pneumatic sliding dampers are intended for fast and tight air flow shut-off inside pipelines. They are used in dedusting systems to control the air-flow inside pipelines connected to machines from which the dusted air is extracted. Their advantage over the manual sliding dampers is that they are prgrammable so they switch on and off automatically. The pneumatic sliding dampers do not require any operator and are an ideal solution for pipelines with limited or difficult access e.g. pipelines running at heights, close to a ceiling, etc.

The ZASP pneumatic slide dampers are driven by penumatic accutators, to which compressed air is connected. Each sliding damper with pneumatic drive is equipped with one (dampers with diameters from d80 to d200 mm) or two pneumatic acutators (d225 mm and bigger dampers).

Are ZASP pneumatic sliding dampers safe?

The pneumatic slide dampers of ZASP series produced in our factory are compliant with the 2014/34/EU directive of the European Parliament and of Council, which sets requirements on manufacturers on adequate protection of devices intended for work in potentially explosive atmospheres.
Our ZASP pneumatic sliding dumpers are safe and compliant with the directive requirements. They can be installed in explosion risk zones 21 and 22. And aprat from that, they are equipped with electrical devices of high quality and safety (solenoid valves and motors), which can work in 22 explosion risk zone.