Collection hoses

Sawdust and other bulk materials are small yet hard particles which, when at high speed that is inside the dust collecting systems, cause demaging friction. That is why special collecting hoses are used for conveying such materials. What should we know about them?

Collection hoses characteristics

In our installations we use collection hoses made of high quality material – polyurethane polyester. This material is characterised by high abrasion resistance. Just to compare it with other materials – polyurethane polyester is a few times more abrasion resistant than abrasion resistant rubber. Moreover, it is hundred times more resistant than PVC. Collection hoses consist of a spiral made of a copper coated steel wire covered by polyurethane polyester coating. We offer a wide range of hoses of various diameters and different working temperatures. Hoses are used in wood processing and furniture production. They are also used in exhausting oil mist and other chemical vapours.

Grounding is important

The friction that is created during conveying the dust and other dirt particles inside hoses can create electrostatic charges. As a result, ignition of the conveyed dust particles is likely to occur. That is why it is very important that the steel spiral inside the hose is grounded to dissipate any cummulated electric charges.