In order to protect people and facilities against explosions that might happen when working with combustible and explosive dust, the flame and the pressure of the explosion need to be guided into defined, safety area. That is why we recommend the VIGISPACE explosion vent deflector.

Filtrowent International is the authorised regional representative of STIF company


When an explosion occurs, explosion vents (decompressive panles) open up and release the explosion flame and pressure wave into the environment. The released explosion is a deadly danger for people and a risk of damage or fire to the neighbouring buildings or parked vehiclees.

To avoid such risks it is best to instal explosion vent deflector VIGISPACE which limits the opening angle of the explosion vent (decompressive panel) and guides the explosion pressure wave, flames and heat info defined area. By decreasing the size of dangerous areas, VIGISPACE helps to reduce the safety zone to a minimum and increases the usable operating space. By guiding the explosion upwards, the VIGISPACE deflector provides maximum protection for people, buildings, machines and vehiclees.

The VIGISPACE delfector can only be used together with vent panels VIGILEX VL or VD with burst pressure ≤100 mbar.


140 x 470

270 x 458

300 x 500

305 x 610

350 x 650

457 x 890

490 x 590

586 x 920

610 x 610

610 x 1118

620 x 820

645 x 1130

915 x 1118

920 x 920

1020 x 1020

1130 x 1130


  • Body: painted steel
  • Kst,max ≤ 200.bar/s,
  • Pmax: 10 bar,
  • Pred of the protected enclosure: ≤ 0,7bar,
  • Discharge angle: 35° upwards,
  • Pstat: ≤ 0,1 bar,
  • Hudraulic diameter: Dh ≤ 1,2 m,
  • Efficiency: 60%,
  • Safety area (facing front): 2 m.


  • Body: stainless steel 304L.
deflektory przeciwwybuchowe vigispace filtrowent, polski autoryzowany dystrybutor firmy stif
Certified explosion vent deflectors installed on the enclosure of a dust collector.