Can cyclones work as independent dedusting devices?


Very often cyclones are used as components included in bigger and complex dedusting systems. But can they be used as independent dedusting devices?

What are cyclones and how do they work?

Cyclones are separators desinged to clean air from particles of dirt and dust, which can be harmful for people and the environment. They are used in industrial plants where, due to processing of wood, paper, plastic or metal etc., various types of dusts and dirt are generated and released into the air.

How do they work? Dusted air which flows into a cyclone is formed into a spiral vortex (a tornado like shape) due to the construction of the cyclone. The centrifugal force throws out the dirt and dust particles against the walls by which they lose their inertion and fall down. Lighter clean air goes up and is released through the top outlet of the cyclone.

How many parts does a cyclone consist of?

Our cyclones of the FD series are cone shaped tanks consisting of three parts:
– top part with the dirty air inlet and clean air outlet
– the cylindrical part
– the cone part, which ends with an outlet for discharging the cumulated dedusted material (e.g. into a big bag). This part is also equipped with an inspection window for easier maintenance.
FD cyclones are produced in different sizes (efficiency levels) which enables a more individual selection of the device suitable for a plant.

Cyclones as independent dedusting separators?

As previously mentioned, cyclones in most cases are usualy incorporated into bigger, more complex dedusting installations where they work as pre-cleaners or initial separators. They are connected with filter dust collectors (e.g. bag dust collectors or pleaded filter cartridge dust collectors) which are responsible for cleaning the air from fine dust, which cyclones are not able to separate. However, in many plants cyclones are the main, independent and efficient dedusting device. Their efficiency reaches up to 80 % improvibving both the working conditions and the housekeeping in production or processing plant. In metal work cyclones are also used as sparks arrestors.