Explosions inside dedusting devices (video)


Nowadays European Union imposes many obligations on the final users of dedusting systems to undertake preventive measures against fire and explosion. Dedusting systems have to be equipped with protection systems compliant with the ATEX directive, which ensures higher safety against fire and/or explosion risks, an in case of their occurence minimizes their negative impact.


All protective systems need to be certified before being introduced into the market. The certification is performed by a notified body, who after verification and appropriate testing, grants the ATEX certificate.

Electrical and non-electrical devices designed to work in explosion zones also have to be produced in compliance with the binding regulations, especially with ATEX before they are introduced on the market. For that type of devices a procedure of explosion risk assessment needs to be carried out and based on this assessment the device is given a specified safety category. In exceptional cases, such devices are also tested and certified by a notified body.

What is all this effort for?

The answer is simple. Fires and explosions do happen. By using adequate protective systems and other devices that are designed to work in explosive zones, you minimize the risk of health or life loss or property damages in case such dangerous situation happens.

How often do fires or explosions happen?

It is difficult to answer this question as there are many factors which influence the occurence of explosion and fire. For sure, every new investment in a dedusting system or a device that is going to work with combustible dusts, should involve a serious and sensible approach. One cannot save on safety as it is simply not worth it! It is possible to adopt or extend an existing dedusting installation or system to make them compliant with the presently binding requirements by equipping them with adequate protection systems, which you can be advised on by the Filtrowent Team.

Below you can find a short video presenting the effects caused by explosion and fire that took place in a dedusting installation. It is an actual event that took place in spring of 2020 in one of the factories in Radomsko, Poland.

The source of the above video: NTL Television