The ODM dust collectors with PULL-PUSH system for extraction of welding fumes


Dusted and polluted air is one of the most serious threats for people working in environments where such conditions prevail. At the same time the problem of polluted air is typical for every processing plant where welding is a part of production process. In order to eliminate the welding fumes and also to increase the safety of the people working in such areas, PUSH-PULL systems are used. How do they work?

Welding fumes extraction with PULL-PUSH systems

During welding certain amount of welding fumes is produced and they spread into the air together with small particles of metals. These particles, also called welding dust, are lifted up by warm gases and they condensate high underneath the ceiling creating a thick cloud of contamination. As long as they are warm, they remain above the level of the people working in the area, and they are not a direct threat to them. However, after some time from being released, they cool down and start falling down. And for this reason, the extraction systems are installed at quite high level (usually at the height of 4 – 5 meters) in order to extract the fumes before they fall down.

PULL-PUSH systems are specially designed filtrating and dedusting installations which force air movement in two directions – they suck in the dirty air, filtrate it and release (push) clean air into the working area. These systems are used mainly in welding plants, where big elements are welded (for instance construction elements or vehicles elements), and it is not possible to use work stand extractors.

PULL-PUSH systems are also used for retrieving heat from the gases released during welding – lowering the costs of heating the production plant.

The ODM dust collector with PULL-PUSH system

One of the solutions with PULL-PUSH systems for welding are our ODM dust collectors. These devices are of modular structure enabling extension of the device in case when a higher efficiency is needed. It is a very important advantage as each time a given plant gets modernized or expanded, there is no need to design a new dedusting system, but only expand the existing installation by additional modules.

Our ODM dust collectors can be equipped with cassette or pleaded filter cartridges, and their parameters depend on individual needs. Their main task is to catch all of the dirt and fume particles and let the clean air go through. Every type of filter cartridge has a limited filtration capacity, therefore, it is crucial to clean the filter cartridges of the dust and dirt regularly. Our ODM dust collectors are equipped with automatic cleaning system with the use of compressed air, and the cleaning process takes place during normal operation of the dust collector.