What are the advantages of our MDF stationary dust collectors?


Solutions which aim at air dedusting play a significant role in a proper functioning of the production plants in various industries. Due to the limitations that might be in the availabe space around a production plant, it is not always possible to place a dust collector outside a production hall, or due to some external factors, it is not possible to install an extended dedusting installation. In such cases the best solution is to instal our MDF dust collector.

General characteristics

Our MDF dust collectors are stationary devices designed for efficient extraction of dust created during processing wood or plastics. Therefore, MDFs are an ideal solution for workshops manufacturing furniture, floors, windows or doors and many other wood or plastic related products. We offer MDFs in three versions:

  • MDF-1 with a 2,2kW motor and efficiency of 1500 – 3500 m3/h
  • MDF-2 with a 4,0 kW motor and efficiency of 2500 – 5500 m3/h
  • MDF-3 with a 7,5 kW motor and efficiency of 3500 – 8000 m3/h

Each dust collector is equipped with 1500 mm or 2000 mm tall filter bags made of polyester non-woven fabric and a standard bags cleaning mechanism.

Advantages of MDF dust collectors

Among the advantages of our MDF dust collectors is their price attractiveness when compared to more extended dust collecting systems. That is why they are ideal for small or medium size manufacturing companies, with a limited number of processing machines. Moreover, they are also a good choice for those companies which can not locate dedusting installation outside their building because there is not enough space. The MDF filters are efficient in collecting dust particles of different size.

Universality and simple assembling

The MDF dust collectors can be easily assembled and connected to both new or already used machines. The MDF dust collectors can be used for single machine as well as a set of machines – but in accordance to the provided maximal efficiency value of the dust collector.

Easy cleaning of the filter bags

Another important advantage of MDF dust collectors is their cleaning mechanism – simple and efficient, which does not require stopping the dust collector enabling continuous work and the same high efficiency. MDFs can be emptied directly into bins, plastic bags or through a rotary valve.

Any disadvantages?

This type of dust collectors can be used indoors only. It is because of their simplified construction – the filter bags are not placed inside housing like other bigger dust collectors. Therefore, MDF cannot be placed outdoors as this could result in the filter bags getting wet or damp and unable to work properly.

To sum up, MDF dust collectors are very attractive due to their simplicity, competitive price and easy maintenance. And they are definately worth considering.

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