What type of hoses are best for sawdust extraction?


In many processing plants where wood working takes place and there is lots of dust, sawdust and chips generated every day, special extraction hosses are used. Let us have a closer look on these hoses, what they are made of and what is special about them?

PUR hoses

The extraction hoses we use in our dedusting installations for woodworking industry are made from polyester polyurethane (PUR). It is heavy duty material with great resitance to abrasion and mechanical damages. The resistance of PUR is up to one hundred higher than of PVC or abrasion-resistant rubber.

The PUR hoses are used for sawdust extraction so they are often used in furniture factories, woodworking plants or similar. But they are also suitable for exhausting oil mists and fumes and are found in recycling plants as well. So if in need of extraction abrasive powders, pellets, sawdust or other recycled material of similar abrasive properties, PUR hoses are your ideal choice.

Size and structure of PUR hoses

The PUR extraction hoses are flexible ducts made of polyester polurethane with a copper coated steel spiral reinforcing helix. The spiral must be gorunded so that the static electricity can be dissipated, as the sawdust or other particles could cause ignition inside the hose.

The hoses differ from each other in terms of their working temperature, diemater and level of abrasion-resistance. We provide extraction hoses in the following lengths: 2,5 m, 5 m and 10 m; and in the following diameters: d85, d105, d125, d 30, d155, d165, d205, d230 d280 and d305. We also provide extraction nozzles that fit the hoses.