Where are our EKO-FILTR dust collectors used?


We have been working in the field of dust extraction and air cleaning for the last 20 years. We have developed a wide range of dedusting solutions, out of which our central dust collectors are the most significant ones. The EKO-FILTR central dust collectors are the solution which are of multiple application and in this post their basic characteristics is presented.

Basic characteristics

Within the EKO-FILTR series of the central dust collectors there are two types: the ODP and JET. Both types are of modular structure, which enables extension of the installation by additional modules. It is a smart and cost saving solution especially when a production plant needs modernisation or when there is a need of higher efficiency of an existing installation. Another similarity between the JET and ODP dust collectors is the use of similar discharging hoppers, used for emptying the dust collector from the waste material. These are the following models, respectively:

  • ODP-K and JET-K – it is a dirty air chamber with bins, into which the waste material is discharged
  • ODP-S and JET-S – the dirty air chamber with an opening for a rotary valve, which discharges the waste material out of the collector,
  • ODP-TSO and JET-TSO – the dirty air chamber is equipped with a screw conveyor ended with an opening for a rotary valve.

The difference between the ODP and JET dust collectors is in the filter fabrics cleaning method. In ODP type there are the following options:

  • shaking mechanism – cleaning takes place only during breaks from work of the dust collector,
  • regenerative fans – cleaning can take place during normal operation of the dust collector and during breaks from work,
  • shaking mechanism with reverse air blow – cleaning during normal operation of the dust collector and during breaks.

In the JET type of dust collectors the filter bags are cleaned with the use of compressed air blows (pulsating system). This system can be used during work of the dust collector but at least once a day, and by the end of the working day – the final cleaning is required.

Where do we use the EKO-FILTR dust collectors?

The modular structure enables a very versatile application of the dust collectors. Their high efficiency makes them perfect solution for various industries. Our Customers, who decided to install a dust collector of our EKO-FILTR series in their plants, usually operate in the following industries:

  • wood processing industry
  • wood furniture production and other wood related products
  • paper production and processing
  • metal working
  • plastic processing

And many many others. In short, our EKO-FILTR series of dust collectors are used everywhere where there is a problem of high dust concentration in the air and it is neccessary to use highly efficient and reliable dust collectors, designed specially for the needs of a given production plant.

Dust collectors for explosion hazard areas

If there is a need, our dust collectors are produced in complance with the ATEX directive. It happens every time when a production plant produces a high concentration of combustible dusts, which, when getting in contact with air, can create an explosive atmosphere. The dust collectors for such plants are equipped with all neccessary protection devices and systems which minimize the risk of dust ignition and which protect the plant against the consequences of a potential fire or explosion.