Which working tables enable performing works ergonomically?


Among many advantages of grinding tables such as an easy assembly or effective dust extraction, there is also their ergonomy. What makes our grinding tables ergonomic?

What are grinding tables and what is ergonomics?

The grinding tables we design and produce are used in both small workshops and in big production plants where the dust generated during grinding and similar operations needs to be extracted. The grinding tables are, as standard, prepared to be connected to central dedusting system. However, they can also be equipped with their own dedusting system with an extraction fan and filters. This solution is especially suitable for smaller workshops, where there is no central dedusting system.

Ergonomics is a scientific study of the relationship between people and their working environment, especially the equipment they use. Ergonomics involves designing machines, devices or furniture around the physical capabilities and comfort of the user, by minimizing the physical effort and maximizing the efficiency.

Why are the grinding tables ergonomic?

Our grinding tables remove dust generated during working operations and increase the comfort and safety of the personnel. The clean working stands are also free from the threat of occupational illnessess and hazards. In effect the production effectiveness is increased.

Additionally, the light, stainless-steel structure of the tables, enables to adjust the table height to a desired level and there is an additional option of installing a noise silencer for the extraction fan.