Which industrial dust collectors can be located indoors?


A vast majority of dust collectors available on the market is intended for outdoors. But are there any safe dust collectors which can be placed indoors?

Stationary dust collectors – intended for indoors

We produce MDF dust collectors, also called carpentry dust extractors, which are used for collecting dust in furniture workshops or any other woodworking and plastics processing smaller plants. The MDF dust collectors are easy to install and connect. They are especially recommended to those who need to have efficient dust collecting installation connected with carpentry machines of various kind. MDF dust collectors designed to work indoors are a perfect solution.

Interior dust collectors in a few variants

Our dust collectors designed for carepentry workshops are produced in three variants, each with different efficiency. The smallest one, MDF-1, is equipped with an extraction fan of 2,2 kW and it can efficiently clean between 1500 and 3500 m3/h of dusted air. MDF-2, the medium size, has a stronger motor of 4,0 kW and can dedust up to 5500 m3/h air and the biggest one, MDF-3 with 7,0 kW powered fan can clean up to 8000 m3/h of dusted air. Each MDF dust collector is designed for extracting paper, wood or plastic dust and sawdust. Since they are designed for interior location, they do not have an enclosed chamber for the filter bags.

Central dust collectors used indoors?

Yes, that is possible to use central dust collectors – normally desined for outdoor locations – inside a production plant. However, under certain conditions, especially when working with explosive dusts. Central dust collectors, which are normally designed with filter bags enclosed in a chamber (closed tank), need to be protected against explosion which might occur inside them. In standard situation, with a dust collector placed outdoors, the dust collector is equipped with vent panels which decompress the explosion. The pressure and flame of the explosion is released into the air into a safe area (in accordance with ATEX directive).
In case, you decide to place such dust collector inside a building, the explosion must be vented (decompressed) in a different way so that nobody gets hurt and the building is protected as well. Therefore, flameless venting devices are used for that purpose – they work as vent panels and are certified ATEX protective system, but the pressure, heat and flame of the explosion is arrested by specially designed mesh. Apart from that, other ATEX protecive systems must be employed such as isolation flap valve and air lock rotary valve which both isolate the explosion so it does not sepread along pipelines. All these devices ensure safe explosion venting and fire isolation.

Therefore, when planning a dedusting installation in your plant, make sure the system is equipped with ATEX protective systems. Our ODP central dust collectors of the EKO-FILTR series, are efficient, modular and safe dust collectors which can be a perfect solution for your plant whether indoors or outdoors.